Causia Complaints Pro Digital Strategy + LinkedIn Cold + E-mail Campaign

The Challenge

When we first met Causia, they already had an online brand, and some customers. But, they were being held back by the following:

  • Causia wanted to differentiate themselves from their competitors, by explaining their unique tools and capabilities - they are very different from the competition, but their audience didn't understand that.
  • They needed holistic, strategic advice on how to build and maintain a professional B2B marketing system so they could compete with larger competitors.
  • Their online sales process wasn't closing enough deals - because their marketing wasn't attracting enough online leads. Then, during the sales process, it was challenging to explain their product over and over again in every new deal. And they needed to shorten their sales cycle.

In his Project Review, Luka Evans, Causia's Marketing Strategist said:

"Visionary Digital Studios has not only delivered on our project goal of substantially increasing leads and deals, but they have completely revolutionised the way our marketing department operates.

The final outcome was exactly what we wanted. Visionary and Sanjay in particular were excellent.

Our goals for the [initial] campaign were to generate at least 2 deals, and Visionary helped us achieved exactly that.

We are wrapped, as our business has never seen leads like this before.

Whilst the deliverables of both of our projects were excellent, it really was Visionary’s customer service and their flexibility that stood out to us.

Visionary allowed us to run the project the way we wanted to, whilst ensuring that we didn’t stray too far away from the confines of their proven method."

Provide 1-3 tangible business results - big or small - that you experienced from your project.

"1. Leads. Leads. Leads.

2. Deals. Deals. Deals.

3. Visionary have been pivotal to bringing structure and consistency to our ideas and our overall marketing vision.

They have provided the framework for us to more easily extract thoughts and ideas to create content.

This is a HUGE deal for us, because having the knowledge is one thing, but being able to convert that knowledge into actual content is a completely different animal."

What are 2 things that you loved most about working with us?

  • "Honesty: One of the things I value most about Visionary is how honest they are. I know without a doubt that Sanjay and his team always have the best interest of Causia in mind, and that they aren’t afraid to be honest with me, even if it may go against my ideas or thoughts. This is invaluable to me.
  • Open mindedness: Despite being the absolute authority in the digital marketing space, Sanjay and his team are always open to trying new approaches and methods. Egos are always checked at the door, and it honestly makes working and collaborating with the Visionary team so easy."

Solution Overview

The overall solution had Visionary build the following:

  • Visionary Client Avatar
  • Visionary Explainer Animation
  • Strategic Social Content
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • HubSpot CRM & Marketing Automation
  • Website pages
  • SEO-optimised thought leadership articles
  • Cold email campaign
  • Fraction CMO: KPIs, HubSpot CRM, Digital Strategy, Website, Branding
  • Adhoc campaigns and digital requests


Visionary LinkedIn Ads Campaign + Cold E-mail Campaign

The core Lead Generation strategies were LinkedIn Ads and Cold Email.

LinkedIn Ads allowed us to:

  • Be very targeted about who we put Causia's content in front of.
  • Use the "Visionary 4-Layer Framework" to show the audience layers of content over time. That meant the leads were very qualified and closed at 25%+

The Cold Email campaign allowed us to:

  • Generate cost-effective, fast awareness in Causia's Financial Services audience
  • Keep the leads flowing to ensure momentum
  • Fill the retargeting audiences for LinkedIn Ads

Results Snapshot

Since Visionary launched, deals started to flow. The campaign is currently ongoing, and into the 2nd phase of scaling.

Causia B2B Digital Content Samples:

Visionary Client Avatar

To guide the campaigns and design decisions - and to ensure Causia attracted the best possible prospects - we strategised, and then documented, a detailed 20+ page

Client Avatar:

Visionary Thought Leadership Articles

Deep, specific Thought Leadership articles were crafted for Causia's website.

It was important these were NOT the usual copied/non-strategic/time-wasting content that most B2B companies launch. Instead, the articles were crafted strategically, with deeper insights than the audience could get elsewhere.

Click the images below for examples, or see the recent thought leadership pieces the Causia "Blog" page here

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