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Here are plenty of examples of our client work.  



Maurice Flores, Nesters' Managing Diector said: "The Visionary Team are simply brilliant and professional. It is so refreshing to work with professionals that put the effort into understanding their client's needs. Loved working with Sanjay. Nothing is ever too difficult or too much of a problem. I love the positive attitude, it is truly refreshing. Thank you so much. Maurice Flores – Managing Director of Nesters Australia."

Latitude Group Travel


  Jenny Murphy, Latitude Group Travel’s CEO said: “I am very excited and it really is a masterwork. The animation and how you have got across a difficult concept is simply amazing and you are all to be congratulated. I just couldn’t imagine what you could do, yet I could see it in my head and you have captured what was in my head in this video. Amazing. I will be highly recommending you for many years to come team. You really are incredible and I can’t thank you enough!!”  

Advance Australia

Gerard Benedet, Advance Australia's National Director said: 

"An awesome experience working with the Visionary Team! The video turned out perfect, and we will use it to make sure our wide audience in Australia understands the importance of our campaign. I was especially impressed by the Digital Marketing knowledge of the team - they made sure the exact right message was conveyed in the video, and have provided plenty of help on how to launch the video to our network through our Facebook and our Digital Marketing channels. Highly recommended!"  

Right Selection


  Rinkesh Patlekar, Right Selection’s Marketing Manager said: “Absolutely Superb….Mind Blowing……Sanjay and Abby. You guys have redefined the way explainer video works and this made the process so joyful and painless that we will do everything to recommend you and your world class services to our network here in the Middle east. We were blown away with how scripted the whole process was – just like a clock work from strategy meet to initial idea, to writing scripts, validating audio-voices and approving the animations.You guys have certainly exceeded our expectations and its been a joy working with such thorough professionals. KUDOS to Sanjay, Abby &&the whole Visionary team.”

Metrix Consulting


Marquis Pohla, Metrix Consulting's Managing Director said: 

“The team at Visionary Digital Studios were responsive and easy to work with. We were impressed with their strategic and supportive approach – from the initial briefing and concept development, through to assisting us with implementation. We’re really happy with the end result.” 

Best Environmental Technologies

Darren Falconer, Best Environmental Technology's Director said: 

"Visionary Digital Studios provided a great end product. We were kept informed throughout the whole process. I would absolutely recommend Visionary Digital Studios ... You did everything you said you were going to do. Contact and communication were excellent."

Debt Cutter

Emma Robinson, Debt Cutter's Marketing Manager said:

"We could not be happier with the outcome of our Visionary Digital Studios video! From initial concept to final product we were involved the entire time. Communication with the team was faultless and we were always kept up to date with the progress of the video. The video turned out great and we can’t wait to use it on our website and social media. I’d like to thank the team at Visionary Digital Studios for all their hard work and I would recommend them to anyone!"


Dave Curits, WotzThat's Digital Marketing Manager said: 

"Working with The Visionary team was a wonderful experience, they listened and understood our requirements and were extremely efficient in delivering, exactly as they said they would. They offered some great guidance and really made the project easy from the start. I'll be using them again and more than happy to recommend them to other businesses. Very professional. The welcome pack was a nice surprise but the clear weekly updates so we knew exactly where we're at in the process was very helpful. The offboarding guidance is excellent to make sure you get the most out of the video, these guys really want to make sure it works for you."

Australia-Indonesia Centre

Christianne O'Donnell, AIC's Senior project Officer said: "Guided by Sanjay and the VDS team, our complex research findings were distilled into an amazingly engaging video available in English and Bahasa Indonesian. Sanjay easily facilitated key ideas while gently prompting our own team to stay on-track for delivery. The team was incredibly receptive and responsive to any feedback to change animations, script, voice-overs in content and style. The animation captured the vitality and opportunity for young people in Indonesia for better health and wellbeing. Loved the responsiveness and open engagement to be creative, approach to relationship building and creating trust for our feedback as clients. Loved the end product – being able to distil complex research findings into a beautiful narrative and in dual language."

AVEM Insight

Stu McGraw and David Geil, AVEM's Co-Founder's said: "Sanjay and the whole team at Visionary Digital Studios approached our project with a passion that is not seen every day. The effort taken to understand not only their requirements but also our industry and technology, definitely had a huge positive impact on the final product. ... What they say on the side of the can is exactly what they deliver, a very rare trait in this day and age. I've now got my eye out for the next opportunity to use the VDS Team, their products align nicely with AVEM insight's vision and approach to customer. Looking forward to working with VDS in the near future. Mel's enthusiasm is infectious – Loved this. The Project Management felt like it was on rails. VDS drove the customer (Stu and I) to maintain deadlines and meeting schedules. A little bit of an authoritarian voice within the Project Management goes a long way to reassuring the customer that "You've got this". Keep this up. Excellent communications. Great and genuine enthusiasm for what you do shows through at every touchpoint."


David Anderson, Plastiq's CEO/Co-Founder said: 

"Sanjay and the team at visionary came highly recommended to us and they certainly met our expectations. They were able to hit all deadlines all the while accommodating various changes along the way. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for an explainer video!"


Darragh McDonnell, Accurassi's Marketplace Manager said: 

"The company had excellent reviews and testimonials online. Once we contacted them we could tell how engaged they were and how much energy they would invest to ensure the project went well. The Visionary team were absolutely brilliant from start to finish of this project. They brought energy, enthusiasm and creativity from the get go and helped guide us in creating the perfect animated explainer video for our digital business. This marketing tool will be invaluable for our business and will allow us to explain a typically complicated subject in a clear, fun and engaging manner."

New Home Professionals

Philip StClair, New Home Professionals' CEO said: 

"Visionary Digital Studios – have provided a fantastic service over several months, our project was a reasonable size so it took time to flesh out copy, story boards, slides, animations and voice overs ... they weren't the cheapest, but they provided great value, and a fantastic result in the end. I felt Sanjay understood the goal, plan and vision. So it was easy to move forward.The review and editing process was impressive which allowed us to quickly get on the same page. Sanjay and his team delivered above and beyond. We highly recommend Visionary, they took difficult concepts and helped to make a simple 2d for our story and service at New Home Professionals. Pleased we took the journey with Visionary and will be using them again in the future!"

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