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Just in case you're wondering whether we're as good at Digital Marketing as we say we are ...

If you'd like to get an insight on what it's like to be a client of ours ... To be a part of The Visionary Family ... 

Or, if you're just looking for some inspiration for your own Digital project ...

Here are plenty of examples of our client work. 


Million Dollar Trader

Greg Tolpigin, Million Dollar Trader's Founder said: 

"Visionary came highly recommended from a trusted source so it was an easy choice. The Visionary Team were a delight to work with. Everything was as expected. Updates were on time and all key deliverables met within budget and with zero negative surprises. The process was one of the seamless and easiest creative programs I have ever worked on. I would definitely recommend Visionary to anyone seeking a professional video and the highest level of service and results."

FBZ Advisory


Nikolas Ahkin, FBZ Advisory’s Director said: 

“Sanjay and the team are really professional and they deliver on their promises. I did not expect the video to turn out as well as it did. A great addition to our marketing arsenal and looking forward to attracting the right prospects to our growing advisory business.”

Strategic Political Counsel


Michael Kauter, Strategic Political Counsel’s Founder said: 

“Sanjay, from Visionary Digital Studios. He’s an absolute legend. Bring him in. He’s a great communicator – someone you’d want to bring in-house, if you could. He gets marketing like no other and would be perfect for putting in front of your boss.”


Maria Ho, MH Consulting & Services' Managing Director said:

"Visionary Digital Studios exceeded all my expectations. After our initial consultation, you demonstrated to me the deep understanding of what I needed and the commitment to quality, and that was all I needed to know. The whole point for me was to find experts who I can trust to do what's best and for me, not having to worry about it. I got that from you. Sanjay's communication from start to finish was outstanding. I couldn't be happier with the end product. Highly recommend for any business looking to add marketing value to their company by highly experienced professionals along with exceptional service, they are it!"  

Advance Australia


Gerard Benedet, Advance Australia's National Director said:

"An awesome experience working with the Visionary Team! The video turned out perfect, and we will use it to make sure our wide audience in Australia understands the importance of our campaign. I was especially impressed by the Digital Marketing knowledge of the team - they made sure the exact right message was conveyed in the video, and have provided plenty of help on how to launch the video to our network through our Facebook and our Digital Marketing channels. Highly recommended!"


Irwan Iriks, Chief Growth Officer at OviDrive said:

"Being a complex enterprise solution, it’s hard to boil down our message into a simple, easy to understand pitch. Painful explaining it to every new person! I needed video as a conversion tool, and to get our messaging on point. Our target market is highly analytical and detail oriented. We lose credibility if the messaging is wrong. Visionary Digital Studios have helped us with these issues by producing powerful videos for OviDrive.

From our very first meeting with Visionary, they focussed on building a relationship and being open, transparent, and genuine. In contrast other agencies were only focused on closing a sale.

We're using our videos mainly during lead gen, and also for social media. Now we can get our message out quick, simply and effectively - instead of going through 2 meetings, a demo, a phone call ... In our current LinkedIn campaign - using the video, on the first day I already had 2 demos booked!

Thanks Mel, Sanjay & The Visionary Team!"

Today's Tale

Paul Ryan, Today's Tale Founder said:

"A great experience working with the Visionary Team! The video turned out amazing, and we will use it to make sure everyone we meet from now on really understands the value of our service. I was especially impressed by the Digital Marketing knowledge of the team - they made sure the exact right message was conveyed in the video, and have provided plenty of ways we can launch the video to our network. Very professional team and highly recommended!".


Pretz Schapiro, Charidy’s Managing Director said: 

“The Visionary Team worked diligently and patiently with us throughout the project, until we were satisfied our final product would be something that we felt comfortable with and confident in. Thank you Visionary for your incredible service!”


Brad Henderson, MediTours' Director said:

"We have a very complex high-tech service that needs to be simplified before our target market can understand it, and be in a position to make a buying decision. This can take long conversations, often in-person. Makes it quite a long sales cycle.

We worked with Visionary to create a Visionary Explainer Video which explains the concept and provides credibility for our business. Now, when we speak to leads they are qualified, understand our service and impressed by our brand.

Highly recommend Visionary! Right from the first calls with Mel and Sanjay, I knew they had the solutions I was looking for.. Their expertise, professionalism and friendliness as marketers was spot on (and I've worked with a few agencies in the past).

Thanks, Team Visionary!"

Birnam Wood

  Colin Green, Birnam Wood’s Co-founder said: “Upbeat, positive, all about the art of the possible. Was a no brainer. Will go back to Visionary in a heartbeat. Great people, talented, committed and invested in excellent outcomes.”

Employee Connect


Oriane Perrin, EmployeeConnect’s Customer Success and Growth Manager, said: 

“Thank you for your message and all the advice you provided to help us put this video together. You and Abby have provided a constant attention in keeping us updated through every step of the process which made it really enjoyable. The video has just been added to our home page this morning and we’re really excited to see visitors interact with it now. I’m sure it will make a positive contribution to our marketing efforts!”


Rodney Serhan, Z-CARD's Managing Director said : 

"I liked the fact that you were an Australian based company, with local presence. I was impressed that The Visionary Team really understood our marketing objectives even after a quick phone call. Your video was professionally produced and it was exactly what I was after for my company. The Z-CARD Animated explainer video was a perfect addition to our whole marketing strategy. The Visionary Team was organised, dynamic and extremely knowledgeable not just in animation video creation but in the whole digital marketing process. This company is going places fast!"


Conor Donovan, Comsource's Owner said: "A very good experience, Visionary knows it's craft well and working with them was easy, they worked around my timetable and everything happened on time. Will use them again."


Dave Curtis, WotzThat's Digital Marketing Manager said: "Working with The Visionary team was a wonderful experience, they listened and understood our requirements and were extremely efficient in delivering, exactly as they said they would. They offered some great guidance and really made the project easy from the start. I'll be using them again and more than happy to recommend them to other businesses. Very professional. The welcome pack was a nice surprise but the clear weekly updates so we knew exactly where we're at in the process was very helpful. The offboarding guidance is excellent to make sure you get the most out of the video, these guys really want to make sure it works for you."

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