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Just in case you're wondering whether we're as good at Digital Marketing as we say we are ...

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Here are plenty of examples of our client work. 


SALSA Simple Changes


Kym Rizzo Liu, SALSA's Project Officer said:

"Working with Visionary Digital Studies is seamless. They always make the time, and deliver all communication in a timely manner. Love the use of your platforms to post instant feedback. A professional and forward thinking company."

Data Republic


Libby Owens, Data Republic’s Strategic Content Manager said: “We recently engaged Visionary Digital Studios to create an animated explainer video for our company in the lead up to a major industry event which we were sponsoring. The stakes were high as the video would be played to hundreds of people on a big screen and needed to be perfect! The team at Visionary delivered a very high quality video for a fantastic price, better yet the team were an absolute pleasure to work with. We’ll definitely be working with Visionary again and recommending them to partners.”


Peter Presneill, ELEMENTICE’s Founder said: 

“Flexible, knowledgeable, professional service resulting in a great video. Will use again!”


Justin Gasparre & Ben Johns from the Vorteil Leadership team said: 

"We were extremely impressed with the process used by Visionary Digital Studios to extract the information necessary to build the Animated Introduction video for This process forced us to think about our product from the point of view of a person seeing it for the first time - something very difficult to do when you’re in the forest looking out. The result is the video we needed but couldn’t articulate ourselves, we’re very happy with the result." "Working with Visionary was a smooth process from start to finish. Through their proven process they were able to get our message out of our heads and onto the screen. I was impressed with the speed and quality of execution and that Sanjay kept us to task through the journey. The level of customer service and attention to our satisfaction is impressive and memorable and certainly an asset of Visionary’s offering."


Troy Wollard, Bartco’s Managing Director said: 

“The video is great! I love it. Thanks so much Visionary team.”


Reuben Borah, GISB's Head of Marketing & Industry Relations said: "The process of working with the Visionary team has been beyond amazing. Sanjay really understood our brand and was able to help us create a beautiful story to solve our business problem. The video clearly speaks to our audience and hits the key points we wanted to share to achieve our objectives. This is definitely the first of many projects we will create with the Visionary team. Great client servicing and an even better process which ensured we know the project status at each point."


Dave Curtis, WotzThat's Digital Marketing Manager said: 

"Working with The Visionary team was a wonderful experience, they listened and understood our requirements and were extremely efficient in delivering, exactly as they said they would. They offered some great guidance and really made the project easy from the start. I'll be using them again and more than happy to recommend them to other businesses. Very professional. The welcome pack was a nice surprise but the clear weekly updates so we knew exactly where we're at in the process was very helpful. The offboarding guidance is excellent to make sure you get the most out of the video, these guys really want to make sure it works for you."


Ankur Talwar, RXR's Founder and CEO said: 

"It was fantastic working with Team Visionary, top artists, committed and dedicated team, we had our few hiccups but eventually they were able to deliver the goods on time, well done crew!"

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